The Girl Boss Style Showit template is stunning, packed with tons of site converting goodies. If you are a coach or consultant that needs a website with a robust sales page, this template was created just for you. 

Template for coaches & consultants

girl boss style

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Meet Girl Boss Style, a high-end website template to feature your coaching services, plus a WordPress-hosted blog to demonstrate your know-how. Showcase your courses or digital offerings using the sales page template and customize every detail to make it your own! Please Note: The Girl Boss Style template can be integrated with WordPress but requires a Showit hosting subscription to access all the goodness inside! 

View Demo

View Demo

Template Pages & Features

Preview a demo page from the Girl Boss Style Showit template:



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Plugs Into WordPress

Showit integrates with Wordpress so you can have a beautiful Showit site that seamlessly integrates with your Wordpress blog.

Responsive Web Design

This template looks perfect on any device whether your visitors are browsing on desktop, mobile or tablet.

User Guide & video tutorials

Showit integrates with Wordpress so you can have a beautiful Showit site that seamlessly integrates with your Wordpress blog.

Easy To Customize 

Easily update the template to make it your own using the Showit platform’s drag-and-drop builder. No coding required.

SEO Friendly 

Search engine visibility starts with good on-page SEO and Showit has built-in SEO settings you can adjust for every page on your site.

30 day support 

Post-purchase ticket support to ensure you don’t run into any snags while you bring your new website or blog to life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I really customize this?

You can customize everything you see! fonts, colors, images, words, text placement, video/image placement, you name it! You can also leave all the fonts and color settings if you like the vibe. You just have to replace the filler images with your own.

Can I use this template with Squarespace, Wix, etc.?

Nope, this template works only with Showit, which is great for you because Showit rocks. And, your blog will be on WordPress but hosted by Showit.
If your current website is on another platform, such as Squarespace, you’ll start fresh in Showit and will be able to move over any images and words you choose as you customize your template. Showit will handle transferring your blog over.  

Why do you recommend Showit?

Showit is the only true drag and drop website builder. It’s easy to use, even for the least techy people. It’s beautifully customizable, and the support is out of this world.

Will I blog on WordPress? How does blogging work?

Yes! Whether you’ve always blogged on WordPress or are on another blogging platform, your blog will be moved over to WordPress. You’ll create and publish any blog content from there! Showit has a lot of videos about blogging on WordPress.

What else do I need to use the template?

The first step is to BUY the template. You can use the template only on the Showit platform. To use your template, all you need is a subscription to Showit and a domain name (which is your website address).

You can purchase a Showit subscription here

What if the template doesn't match the industry I'm in?

That doesn’t actually matter. The content and photos on the template are simply a placeholder. The templates feature the website pages and design options that every industry could need like an about page, blog, services page, contact page, etc. The filler content is just for fun!

Does my current website have to be shut down while I'm building my website on Showit?

Nope — that's a major perk of Showit! You'll leave your current website up at your domain name until you're ready to launch (whether it's on Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, or anywhere else).
You'll customize your template in a trial account of Showit, and you'll start paying Showit when you're ready to launch your site. Showit will help you with the nitty-gritty work of connecting your domain name to your new website. Your current website will only go down when your new website goes live!

Can You Just Set Up My Site For Me?

Yes, I can! I offer a template installation and customization package that will take everything off your shoulders and allow me, to just get your website built and launched for you. You can learn more about my services here!

Do you have some questions of your own? Feel free to pop into my inbox right here so we can get you on the road to creating your dream website.

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