Showit website design & branding for female entrepreneurs who want to level up their business and build trust and meaningful connections with their clients

Custom Website Design & Branding 

Overwhelmed with designing your own website for your business, don't know where to start.

Not confident enough about your business because you're not being heard.

Frustrated because you don't understand why visitors don't connect with you or leaving your website without contacting you about your services/products.

Frustrated because you see your competitors growing every day and killing it online and you know that you deserve that success too and be the fearless entrepreneur you are but, you just aren’t sure how to get there.

Embarrassed to direct people to your website because you know it’s not YOU.

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The fearless female entrepreneur you are, inspire others and influence more people with your services\products.

Building trust with your clients and working with your dream clients.

Excited to have a website that you are proud of and designed professionally just for you!

Empowered with a unique website and branding that will make you stand out from your competitors.

Confident about your website, that shows what kind of services or products you are offering to your clients and they will feel through your website design your personality and skills.

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Template Customization

Need some help customizing a Showit template to make it perfect for your business? we will design your branding & website so you can be the fearless female entrepreneur you are.

what's included?

Showit Template Customization

5 Pages Customized to Fit your Brand/Style

 Inserting your Written Content + Images

 Responsive Design for Mobile + Tablet

Email Marketing + Social Media Integration

Domain Set Up + Launch

3 Rounds of Revisions

timeframe: 2-3 weeks

investment: $2793 + the cost of your template

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timeframe: 4-6 weeks

investment: $3295 

Domain Set Up + Launch

Wordpress Blog Design + Setup (If Needed)

Photo Optimization for Speed

 Search Engine Optimization

Social Media + Email Marketing Integration

Responsive Mobile + Tablet Design

3 Rounds of Revisions

5-Page Fully Custom Showit Website Made from Scratch

what's included?

It's time to give your business a boost and be the confident female entrepreneur you are!
The Fully Custom Showit website design package gives you a website design that's totally unique to you. 


Fully Custom Showit Website Design

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investment: $4795 

timeframe: 8-14 weeks

3 Rounds of Revisions

Custom Illustration or Pattern for Website

Brand Guidelines

Brand Identity Boards (Covers brand fonts, colours, and visual aesthetic) 

Custom Logo Design (Primary, Secondary & Icon) 

All Inclusions from my Fully Custom website design service

 Fully Custom Showit Website

what's included?

It's your time to level up! If you are ready to stand out, improve your online presence, build trust with your clients with an elevated, beautiful, strategic website and brand that's aligned with your business goals and personality - this one is for you! 


custom Branding & Website Design

Encourage women who are on a mission to empower themselves, boost their business, and building trust and meaningful connections with their clients and audience is the purpose of my brand.
Look at some of the magic I’ve created.

custom website portfolio

Amy Waller | Custom Website Design

"I've had the pleasure of working with Angelika on my website for my business and she is absolutely amazing! she is very easy to work with and she is always willing to go above and beyond to make sure that I was happy with the design."

Evelyn Flyn | Custom Website Design & Branding

"I'm very happy with the website design and branding that Angelika created for my business. She were very easy to work with and I felt like she really got to know me and what's my goals for my business before starting the design process. My new website is perfect, it really says who am I as a entrepreneur and gets my name out there, Thank you!"

Isabela Nielsen | Custom Website Design & Branding

"I could not be happier with my website design and branding. I was having a hard time getting the look and feel right by myself, but she nailed it."

Lisa Howard | Custom Website Design

"I was looking for a website designer that was affordable and professional. I wanted my website design to be unique and compliment my brand. I'm so glad I found Angelika, she were able to make the changes I needed and she make sure that the website reflected the image I was looking for. Thank you!"